Dimitri Pavlotsky

Painter and performer, Dimitri Pavlotsky examines a range of emotional states. Employing a measured spontaneity, gestural anxiety and an intuitive color selection, he engages with things that are beneath the surface and contemplates identity behind the mask. His approach is a visceral, process-based search for subconscious emotional energy. His goal is to encourage a letting go of facades and definitions while suggesting a place where curiosity and playful experimentation are preferred to certainties and predictable answers.

Pavlotsky grew up in Moscow, Russia and has been based in Chicago since 1994. Having received a rigorous traditional academic education in Moscow Institute of Architecture, he immersed himself in the possibilities of experimenting with visual languages, seeking ever more emotive and fuller means of expression.

Pavlotsky recently left his architectural career to concentrate fully on his studio practice of painting. He actively exhibits in the Midwest, averaging one to two solo exhibitions per year.