Carol Neiger

Carol Neiger’s work explores how our past experiences influence the ways we see. Memories are amorphous and tangled but they leave impressions that mark us forever and color our visual impressions. The meanings they carry with them can transport us to places we have not been before. Her landscapes are created in the hope that they will trigger feelings associated with memories in others.


Her recent works explore memory and place. A visit to Portugal inspired her to think about the tfutza, the Jewish diaspora. Discovering that European Jews have been exiled from 109 locations since the year 250 CE, she began to wonder about how Jews relate to the ideas of place and home given this tumultuous history. Her iconographic language in The Wisdom of Wandering series is composed of physical symbols of community - land, home, streets - arranged as a pattern within a geographic context. Layers evoke history, and fractured space suggest the paths of movement and exile from one place to another.


Carol Lezberg Neiger was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Neiger works in her sketchbook as a catalyst for her paintings, often painting on location then creating the final works in the studio. Neiger’s style is characterized by the use of layers, split plane composition, patterns, a vibrant color palette, and a painterly and lyrical style.

Carol Neiger lives and works in Glenview, Illinois.